Alchemika Festival
Alchemika Festival


Street Theater and Cirque Nouveau Festival organized by the Fiorivano le Viole association in the Via della Viola district of Perugia.

Now at the 2018 edition, the street artists festival will take place from the 14th to the 16th of September. The event has involved the city for years and in particular Via della Viola and annexes. A suggestive narrow road surrounded by the ancient buildings of the historic center and the majestic walls of the city, discovering at each step a marvel after another. Alchemika, collects the free expression of art in all its forms, and does so by presenting beautiful shows, with artists from all over the world, who use the street as a stage. Thought, organized and strongly desired by the neighborhood association Fiorivano le Viole, gives a magical atmosphere for a few days to the whole city, but not limited to this, because from year to year some installations and some works are left along the path where you plays the festival.

The festival takes place along the streets and squares that intersect with Via della Viola, in the old quarter, or even the district of Porta Sole, from which it was accessed through Porta Santa Margherita.

Last note of taste, Via della Viola is full of taverns and restaurants very paticular, one more reason to visit us if you visit Perugia.

To see in the neighborhood

The church of San Fiorenzo and the cloister are located outside the Etruscan walls. The church is located on an originally popular neighborhood, linked to arts and crafts. Nearby is the oratory of the Confraternity of San Simone and San Fiorenzo, now home to the association’s house.

Porta Santa Margherita is one of the ancient entrance gates of the city, located on the east side of the city walls, along the current Via XIV Settembre, takes its name from the ancient Benedictine monastery of Santa Margherita. And it is precisely from this gate that on September 14, 1860, the troops of General De Sonnaz entered Perugia, ending the long struggle for liberation from papal domination.